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Quite possible one of the best online games in existance.
Hey, have you gon to www.newage3.com yet?
by Caerulius September 22, 2003
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An age when people who have had the marvelous blessings of living in a Judeo-Christian tradition, a free education, free libraries, and access to information, reject everything they have learned, and all of their common sense. They adopt the customs of people who live with cobras in the road, and pretend to believe in reincarnation. This leads to such preposterous principles as "meat is murder."
Who were you in your previous life, Rebekah?

Previous life?!! What do you think I am, a Hindu? A snake charmer? An ass-trologer? A New Age Yuppie? Come on, Rosemary, gimme a break!

New Age Yuppie: Don't take part in the rodeo! Meat is murder!

Cowboy: Get outta my way, you brainless New Age twerp! That steer sure as hell ain't MY grandpa!
by Tuna Wanda May 26, 2005
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A euphamism for New Age music, a horrible, hideous genre of aimless, unlistenable drech for washed out, middle-aged ex-hippies and the power crystal clutching disciples of con men who use bits and pieces of various Eastern religions, interspersed with liberal helpings of pure bullshit in order to sell their overpriced, horribly written books (also filled with bullshit) and ugly quartz crystal trinkets. Rhymes with "sewage."
Hey, holmes, get that fucken' newage crap off of my sound system right now! And bury that c.d. once you're through taking it far, far away from anyone with anything resembling taste in music.
by Dark Coupon August 26, 2006
19 22
1. new age are people who claim they are spiritual but are really one of the most un-spiritual people on this earth together with the christians. some people who are happy and treehuggy can be spiritual, like for example someone associated with enviromental movements or wicca.

2.music that is supposed to be spiritual, and good? who wants to be good, i love evil. dont you?
1.if you want spiritual people, try looking up people who dont fit the spirituality stereotyp at all. trust me spirituality can be very dark. new age age is light.

2. spiritual music can be jazz like john coltrane or punk music like dead kennedys. marilyn manson is spirituality and so are the smashing pumpkins. so is enya, he atleast i dont stick with a stereotyp of good or evil.

by Cro..Scream March 12, 2006
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