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small art high school in miami that is known for its kickass teachers.
Everyone says New World School of the Arts is a school for fags, but that's because they're jealous that they didnt get in.
by pppppp November 24, 2006
A high school program where the most talented students in the Miami-Dade area (sometimes Broward shhh) can attend in order to train, polish, and develop their artistic skills, while taking regular academia to graduate high school. All this while attempting to co-exist in a dramatic environment that simulates a bad tele-novela.

Women graduate with the lesson that there is no such thing as a straight Musical theater performer and all men learn the "hard"-earned lesson that THEY'RE GAY!
"Wow those kids at States were awesome, until I found out they're from New World school of the arts, all of a sudden I thought they sucked."

"Your brother went to New World School of the Arts? Hmm... He's gay right?"

by pigeons05 January 13, 2007
A little semi-gay art school in Miami. It consists of 450 students, 75% of which being female, 25% of which being ugly/taken/gay males.
What? You graduated from New World School of the Arts? I bet you think you're hot shit.
by shaayna May 08, 2005