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the new breed of 'plantation owner' and/or business'person' who takes full advantage of those with 'lesser' social status and education in order to keep their business maximizing profits!!

one would THINK by offering a decent wage AND benefits, it would prove to be a more intelligent move as regards to worker performance as well as loyalty, but this is a completely foreign concept to those who pray to the 'church of the greenback', i.e. the 'folding greens'!!
that business won't pay a decent living wage, practically expecting employees to PAY THEM to work there!! (response:) yeah, i know all about it!! i'm super-tired of these new slavers!!

john started his business and appreciated those who helped him build it into something of substance, he was happy to share the profits, made plenty for himself, and had no desire to be a new slaver.

jane hated to go to the vertical plantation everyday, to work for those new slavers
#glass coffin #vertical plantation #selfish #so smart they're stupid #eternal greed
by michael foolsley September 14, 2013
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