Term used to define a new Corrections Officer, usually a rookie.
Yo that dude is a new jack, he don't know shizat.
by thedarm May 06, 2008
something scene kids say to make fun of people they think aren't hardcore enough to hang out with.

poser, fake, etc.
"yo xmattx did you see dylan with that horse the band shirt on?!"

"yeah bro, he's a total new jack! he probably listens to fall out boy."
by jeniferrr August 21, 2006
See New Jack
"They think that I'm a new jack/ but only if they knew that/
They who think wrong are they who can't do that"
-Rakim, Lyrics of Fury
by Jason G.L. Chu April 11, 2004
Basically, just someone who isn't familiar with the scene. Someone who has a lot to learn in a particular area.
Dude, that kid isn't even fashioncore, he's wearing parachute pants! He's so not HxC.
by Q-Tip McVicker July 07, 2004
1.) Jerome "Newjack" Young. The most hardcore professional wrestler of ALL time. Former bounty hunter, with four justifiable homicides to his credit. Known for his profficient use of weaponry. Including such objects as trash cans, vacumns, crutches, and staple guns.

2.) Any quick, random mugging. In which the assailant exits, as abruptly as he enters.

"I watched this guy get smoked for his Ipod. It was the worst newjack I ever saw!"
by D. Gould July 26, 2006
A male who has recently accquired the ability to masturbate (jack-off).
I walked in on my little brother jacking off. He must be a new jack.
by Matteo September 12, 2003
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