a school where the principle smokes crack and knocks down the therapists while playing soccer. where one of the therapists offers to hold your earings/nails in a fight. where the history/music teacher says that he hates you. where you will never meet a more awesome group of people.
i just started new alliance academy and its ahhmazing!
by woooooooootttt:) August 24, 2010
Top Definition
A "school" where you have absolutely no freedom. A place where the school is literally shaped like a box and is smaller than CVS. A place where the principle acts like he's on crack. A place where you will be so glad when you finally leave.

However, this is also a place where you meet amazing new friends which you will never forget. The only good part about this "school" are the fellow students you meet.
If someone ever tells you that you should check out a school named new alliance academy, run as far as you possibly can.
by i.cant.think.of.a.username November 13, 2011
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