An addistive substance, similar to Marijuana
Salad Fingers is addicted to Nettles
by Pig Child December 20, 2007
Top Definition
a rough substance that Salad Fingers likes to rub against his nipples for a orgasmic effect
Salad fingers once rubbed the nettles against his nipple and then his nipple turned red.
by jerry jackson rules! June 22, 2006
One who enjoys the company of men for sexual reasons.
That nettle is checking you out.
by coldarmy86 July 04, 2010
is a plant with stinging hairs. "Nettle" is also a person's name.
"I accidentally fell in a patch of nettles; those things sting like a bitch!" or "That girl, Nettle, is so hott!"
by Nettle ILla April 01, 2009
What some people call the nice big buds of the big bud plant. Also known as KB.
These are some sweet ass nettles.
by John Lufkin August 17, 2006
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