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means like seriously for mexicans.
No mames, es neta que se murio?
by Elvis Dino Esquivel October 23, 2003
The truth is relative, but la neta is absolute.
La neta is that I love you a lot.
by Jeda March 26, 2004
no ifs, ands or buts about it. period. no shit, no kidding.
Her after sex:"Were you serious about having gotten a vasectomy?"
Him: "Neta!"
by Rick April 19, 2005
Spanish for something totally rad and completely off the hook.
The definite and absolute.
Something that is considered a universal truth.
Cannot be literally translated but it is awfully close to the slang word "legit" meaning the real deal, but at the same time cool/wicked.
Mi nave es la neta wey!
My ride's the shit, man!

Te estoy diciendo la neta
I am telling you the truth

(Are you/Is that) for real?
by Alessal December 24, 2007
1. verb. Hatred for a Hebrew language class
1. I neta that class, so I think I'll skip it
by Mosheman100 May 26, 2010
A very hot girl with a great personality.
Guy 1:That girl is the bomb!
Guy 2:who? (Name of girl)?
Guy 1:Ya.... that girl is one heck of a neta!
by Hot-gal June 26, 2007