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An internet sleaze-slut who says she loves you, but her many MSN Display Names prove she loves 6 other guys. 5 of them know how I feel. The 6th will soon enough. The 7th, whoever he maybe, doesn't know what is gonna smack him in the gonads.

Also see slut, whore, internet whore
Need I say more?
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 23, 2003
A 40 year old man who goes online to talk to 13 year old boys.
Dude that hot chick is probably just some 40 year old guy, what a netwhore.
by HigleyHIGH May 07, 2004
A female, aged 14-30, who spends more than 4 hours per day online who has sex with multiple partners whom she met via the internet.
The netwhore I picked up off of makeoutclub came over to my crib to hang out, then she sucked my dick and we fucked, then she went home and I put her on my block list.
by April 08, 2003
A complete loser (usually of the female gender) that goes online and meets other complete losers for the sole purpose of cybering.
h3y 13t'5 cyb3r
by Name June 15, 2004
a person who takes advantage of the internet for uses of sex. someone who has a massive n00dz collection either to send, or received. someone who participates in sexual acts with multiple people met online without any relationship ever to be formed. can be either male or female.
i had to break up with him, he was a netwhore. cheated on me like 6 times!
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
2 people who see eachother quite a bit are talking on aim trying to get into eachothers pants without having the slightest idea who they are talking to.
P: Who is this? Eric's Adam? Adam my ex? Adam from SUNY?
A: Keep us straight net whore!
by Ms. C October 10, 2006
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