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The nervous game is a game of will power, or some other thing that makes you determind not to quit. The object of the game is simple: Your oppenent puts his/her hand on your knee, and you put your hand on his or her knee. Each person takes turns asking this question: "Are you nervous?" if the person answers yes, they lose, but if they answer no, move your hand up their leg a little more. Eventually, it will get interesting!
My bf made it through the entire nervous game! I wonder why...
by eyes_4_an_ANGEL September 26, 2007
A game played with a guy and a girl. The guy touches the girl's chin and from there gets to touch wherever he wants, the entire time asking if she's nervous. If she is, she loses.
Someone who enjoys the nervous game will never be nervous.
by lina22222 December 19, 2007

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