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similar to blackface, refers to the caricatures of nerds in the media
"Dude, the way they depict the losers in Revenge of the Nerds is so nerdface."
by Jared. March 03, 2008
Someone named Gabby, who steals peoples lines and has weak comebacks. Does not know how to count and confuses the meaning of words. Also looks up to people named Thomas.
Come up with your own comebacks you nerd face!
by R1ckyb0bby123 November 15, 2011
A person who is extremely annoying and always has a response or an unwanted comment for every conversation that person is or is not involved in.Then purposely try to annoy people and often wear glasses, and a retainer
"Popi you are such a nerdface!"
"What are you saying you nerdface?"

"Seriously your annoying me you nerdface!"
by T Car October 18, 2008
Someone who is cool and witty but slightly nerdy 2, used as a term of address/ endearment! Geek Chic!!

Phil (fillipo)... you are a nerdface!!!

Dude, that platt look a like is such a nerdface!!


Hay Nerdface, hows u?
by Stacey (Geekatroid) April 11, 2007
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