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Phrase originated by comedian Marc Maron denoting the phenomenon of intelligent and socially awkward people now dictating social norms in popular culture, particularly in the field of comedy.

Preceded by the eras of jockcock and rockcock.
Steve Carell's popularity is indicative of being in the age of the nerdcock.
by Dr. of Bootology August 19, 2010
The equivalent to "whipping it out" intellectually; a show of bravado uncharacteristic to the speaker. Frequently seen in Silicon Valley.
At the LAN party, Jack bragged, "yeah, it's my damn small linux lunchbox pc with a Celeron set at 100 MHz FSB,"

to which his wife replied,"put your nerdcock away and pass me those bagel bites before they get cold."
by PiratesOfSiliconValley January 30, 2008
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