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A nerd with an odd but unmistakable air of cuteness about him/her. The traits of a nerdball are the same as those of a normal nerd, but are somehow endearing instead of irksome.
Nerdball: (engrossed in playing a game on graphing calculator)

Fawning girl: Ahww, what a cute little nerdball!
by chiciebee August 15, 2011
7 0
Funny to a good quality, and humble about it.
I'm a total nerdball.
by Hose' June 08, 2005
15 4
possibly the best game ever, consists of 4-9 squares, sometimes called downball or often know as 4 square.
Are you playing nerdball at lunch?
by steven nerdball August 26, 2008
2 5
An uncool person who acts as cool as possible, and sometimes snorts during laughter. Acts similar to a testicle when confronted about this.
Oh my god look at those wanksta nerdballs.
by Hannah March 09, 2005
2 14