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When something or someone is more nerdy than usual this would be nerd-a-licious
Joe: Hey sarah I love those glasses, very nerd-a-licious !
Sarah: Thanks I just started wearing them
by blonde_chick122 December 11, 2009
The definition of a nerd who is the extreme in his area of nerdology, but is extremely and uncannily attractive nonetheless
That dweeb over there is irrestibly nerdalicious
by The Mainframe June 26, 2006
a person that is so contained with awesomeness and nerdiness that they are so nerdy they exceed possible superior nerd ranking
Person 1: Wow she is so nerdy I....I....didn't think it was possible to be so nerdy.

Person 2: I know what you mean.

Nerd: That's right I'm nerdalicious. Just face it boys you are jealous.
by awesomeANDstillneralicious September 09, 2011