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1) a person who desperately wants to be a popped-collar frat boy, but is a loser and poser. This individual spends his or her free time larping and playing rpgs while bullying any other nerds in the vicinity.

2) a nerd who attempts to elevate his social status by being a dick to other nerds.
Nerd 1: What the hell is up with that guy? He's gaming like such a douche!

Nerd 2: Don't bother with that nerd-thug, he just thinks he's better than everyone else here.

Nerd 3: I think he missed the irony that if he WAS better than everyone else here, he wouldn't be here all weekend swinging foam at people in retarded costumes, he'd be at a frat party with all the bros he tries so hard to imitate.
by coolerthanyou2222 October 22, 2010

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