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long and drawn out conversation that makes absolutely no sense to 95% of readers but completely coherent those involved. often including random acronyms and acceptance of one's nerdy tendencies.
Now this is a real nerd thread:

1: it also looks cooler :P
2: just cause it has more knobs and buttons
1: exactly
3: with like 200+ ports for master inputs, its kinda easy to just find a hole...but thats all you can do...hahahaha love you Man
4: the PM5D sucks...I am more of an M7CL kinda guy.
5:Actually that looks larger version of the board i learned on....
6:I like the pm5d everything it laid out... and whats with the DELL speakers?
2:yeah... dont ask... they were using the D/O on each channel for headphones (like moving it back and forth) instead of using the solo channel.
4: HAHAHA, at least they weren't using the headphone out as the main level.
2:lol, i think if you were to look up the definition of Nerd in the dictionary, you'd find this conversation.
4: Funny thing is, A/V nerds arn't like other nerds. We are (for the most part) still able to function socially. It's usually when we start to point out incorrect mici'ng practices to non a/v nerds that we get labeled nerds. IE: This comment thread.
6:i guess that means i am a nerd then.....
by perfectly normal February 01, 2011
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