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A person who plays video games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops, and has a huge hussy fit when he is killed. The rager will often yell profound words at his television screen and blame things like lag, bad map, or hacks for his players demise. A nerd rager will also often promptly leave the game if he is killed too many times in a fashion that he calls "cheap kills". This is called a rage quit. Which is also accommodated by profound words yelled at the television screen.
Dyllon- "see Scott over there playing his video game, yelling? "

Keith- "yeah, he's a nerd rager.
by YouEclipsedByMee March 05, 2011
An extremely powerful erection for things that would interest a nerd.
I have a total nerd-rager for alternate universes.
by elvind September 10, 2011
Origin: MMPOG chat. Definition: Raging nerd.
Person A: "I h8 maintenance day on Blizzard. I need to plaaaaaay!"
Person B: "Then I suggest you emerge from your mommy's basement into the bright lit day and find something useful to do while you wait you impossibly massive nerdrager"
by nollijde September 01, 2009
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