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Neo-fascism replaces the centralized authority of a dictator with a government voted into power by means of fraudulent elections. Neo-fascism follows in the goosesteps of Mussolini but legislates economic controls to enable corporate domination of the world market. Suppression of the opposition through intimidation and censorship, and a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism are achieved through hegemonic control of popular entertainment and mass media. These persuade citizens that wars and the suppression of individual rights paradoxically corroborate the ideology of individualism.
Donald Rumsfeld is the poster child of neo-fascism.

Fox News is neo-fascism's Disney Channel.
by Peter K. Marx February 10, 2005
A brightly coloured fascist.

Not a dull coloured communist.

A common insult.
oh, he is such a neo-fascist.
by Alex Wight January 19, 2004
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