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Nemeth can simply be defined in one word. "Moose!"
What is a Nemeth you ask? A Moose!
by Anonymous March 21, 2005
8 44
To watch your friend having sex while eating a sandwich
I pounded this broad last night and my buddy pulled a nemeth and hid in the closet
by todd February 04, 2005
99 37
stands for "no myth" and will kick your ass! super strong intellectual.
Namath was a Nemeth.
by BroNGuy June 20, 2009
37 22
"The German" in Austrian
Look at Nemeth over there.
by TheGerman May 14, 2008
12 30
A person who is known to be a greedy irrational son of a bitch, the person usually has something nice and valuable and they use that item to show off to you. he usually uses an act of immatureness while doing so
my neighbor down the road nemeth'ed me with his shiny silver car the other day
by annonymous5454 October 15, 2007
13 43
The head Moose, the leader of the pack. The A-1 wingman
Who's a moose? Lou's a moose.
by Lou's Jr. Moose April 05, 2005
13 47