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Nelphie is a term that originated in Creston, Iowa. It's understood to mean loser, but no one can really give you a concrete definition of what a nelphie is. If you ask, all you will get for a response is simply "You." or "If you have to ask you probably are one." My personal definition for a nelphie is hot topic clothing (bondage pants, shits with stupid sayings), stupid hair cuts (shaved heads except the bangs, mohawks), and listen to mall metal (Slipknot, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead). Also most nephies don't have jobs and never leave Creston (or the hometown that is partial to your town's nelphies)
Someone that wears bondage pants, a shirt that says "i'm not antisocial, i just don't like you" and is pumped about the new Mudvayne CD is a Nelphie
by kyle August 07, 2004
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