acronym for: Never Even Left. It is a position even lower than that of a FOB.
That dude Raygay was such a fob.
by O-dogg November 27, 2004
Top Definition
In spanish, a slang for no
Do you like light beer? (¿Te gusta la cerveza light?)
by puerkiller March 16, 2005
Scandanavian male name. Swedish for Champion. Different from Neils, Nails and Nells. Not short for Nelson and is not a nickname of any sort. Sometimes Nels can be subsituted for Nine Inch Nels. Most people find this to be a cool name.
Nels is one bad ass motha' fucka.
by John F. Kennedy the Junior June 05, 2007
Acronym for: Not Even Lying. Used to emphasize a point by reassuring one's truthfulness in a statement.
"loper is such a hacker, nel." "seriously? nel?" "srsly, nel."
by Abeatmoc April 13, 2009
U such a nel
by nel March 28, 2015
My best friend in the world! Shes awesome and tons of fun to be around!
only word to explain Nel...herself
by DT44 May 01, 2005
fresnel, fres, land of frez, fresnology.

One half of the ancient fresnel people. The Nel are very rare in America. The more common fres are considered more dangerous though.
Did you catch a look at that Nel??!!

Wow. No.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005
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