Terminator hater. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well known actor in movies such as the terminator series but like other people there are those who hate him, those who do hate the terminator are known as negger.
Old person speaking* "Ol it's great to be in line for my favorite show, the Terminator, where I will watch it here on the big screen."

Random black dude speaks* "Terminator? Shoot I came here to watch the Jeffersons on the big screen, I aint know nothin bout no terminator. F*** Terminator!"

Old person speaking* "Hey you negger, how bout you get you're black, negger azz over here and give your respects to the Schwarzenegger by taking back what you said and shining my shoes. You gawd damn negger."
by KcBrewz March 07, 2011
Top Definition
People who annoy you by giving you negative reps for seemingly no reason.
Quit being such a negger.
by ninjaface February 12, 2009
Someone who is really, REALLY negative.
"Who invited all them neggers to the party!? If they don't stop talking about slavery, genocide and 9/11, I'm gonna lose my buzz.
by fknugly January 11, 2012
A racial slur for people with a negative blood type
What's your blood type?
God Damn negger
by KittensRKul3 January 04, 2016
HIV-negative gay men who have unsafe sex with other gay men who make the unsubstantiated claim to be HIV-negative. They also reject safe sex with HIV-positive gay men. They tend to live life to the fullest, in that they are drunk, mostly.
Badlands was so full of neggers, the AIDS Health Project is going to have a full intake room next week...
by sfer July 21, 2010
Someone who annoys you but is not quite a nigger.

This word is not restricted to any race or discludes any race whatsoever. White people can be called niggers. shit I'll pretty much give you the definition of nigger if you stfu.

Nigger-lazy, worthless male (no specific ethinicity) piece of shit who likes to suck dick

Originated from a redneck pronuncing the word nigger incorrectly and eventually evolving from there.
"Yo mane can you tell me where da nearest KFC at? How bout da mawll? So I can hang around tha movehz, yao ming? Mane I can't wait to see tha new nigga Wesley Snipe movie. That boy dope, yo. I mean he kinda ole school an shit but I'm sure he's fresh after not starring in shit, yanowhatimsayin?" -Tyrone

by TheOtherJesusChrist April 21, 2010
One who puts down a member of the opposite sex as an opening line, so as to leave a memorable first impression. WARNING!!! ... upon trial of this word, excute extreme caution in your pronunciation, as a small vowel sound change can go from a small chuckle to a Michael Richards incident.
"He'll never change, always comin' out and just blatantly puttin' chicks down....but he's always got 'em callin'. That's why he'll be a negger 4 life.
by izit420 November 08, 2009
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