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Nigger Dick Slut. This is a woman, mainly white that has fucked or wants to fuck a black guy.
"Damn, that girl is fine" - Jerry
"Nah man, she's an NDS" - Steven
"Ew, fuck that" - Jerry
by NDSHater October 07, 2007
16 26
nearly deadstock.
those kicks are nds, aint easy to cop.
by lindur July 10, 2008
42 10
NDS= new dick syndrome. it's when women leave their current penis for a new penis, often thinking the grass is greener on the other side. if your girl gets NDS, nothing can cure it, she's leaving you and taking half your shit.
i suspect my wife may have a case of N-D-S,she came home the other night with jhizstains on her skirt.
by ken power February 07, 2009
31 8
The Nintendo DS, a portable gaming system.
I might buy an NDS whilst I wait for the Sony PSP to be released.
by kingmustard May 02, 2005
63 42
Nigger Dick Syndrome= being able to identify any white woman who you can tell right away loves nigger dick. The skin, the attitude, just everything about her screams that she loves the niggers based on a medical analysis of her current condition.

See also HDNS-Hyper-Negro Dicksymeia (advanced medicals cases of loving the nigger dicks/ hating daddy).
That fat white bitch definitly has NDS!
by Fat White Girl w/ daddy issues September 05, 2010
20 14
acronym (or text language) for No Damn Sense

usually followed by SMH or " ... "
NDS! They just exposed themselves on facebook, knowing that it'll show up on the news feed... SMH
by Rae Nicole February 13, 2010
11 5
No Dramas.
Person 1: "thanks for getting that for me"

Person 2: "ND'S"
by Mr Pan February 02, 2013
3 1
nicotine deficiency cycle

very prevalent amongst heavy smokers

They become ass-wholes due to their lack of nicotine

and their attitude doesn't change unless presented with more nicotine
you'll have to excuse him hes NDSing he gets like that when he's craving a cigarette.
by IEU March 16, 2011
2 4