An abbreviation for Natural Born Asshole
Many white people are frequently considered to be NBAs
by Richard Gomez September 09, 2007
look at all the black people this aint no national league its the negro league!!!11!!ONE!!11
by go away April 25, 2005
its like sayin ur action but bein action is all u do
dawg u see dat girl ova there sittin on dat boy lap....she NBA
by DEJIA April 19, 2008
stands for "Not Basketball Anymore"

used to be cool in the 70's and 80's

now it's prison ball controlled by the mafia so that there bookies can rake in the cash like fuckin unbelievable
modern NBA = just roll out a basketball to a bunch of criminals

I liked it better when the players weren't creeps and the sport wasn't rigged
Natick Blunt Association

An elite congregation of extraordinary gentlemen, brought together by a common desire for a euphoric sensation associated with the effects of marijuana. The consumption of the previously stated substance must also be in the form of a tobacco-filled cigar; the contents of which being removed and re-rolled with cannabis.

Post NBA meeting activities include:

extreme wakeboarding
alpine skiing
several beer funneling
high velocity tubing
live music in concert form
consuming super burritos c/o Anna's Taqueria
consuming Jack Daniel's Burgers c/o T.G.I. Fridays

News and Events:

Ultimate Day of Food - TBA
Next NBA Meeting - 5 Minutes

Alternative Means of Consumptions:

Sobe Waterfalls
Gravity Bongs
Dr. McGillicutty
Other water pipes
Including but not limited to:
Ash Catchers

Acknoledgements and Acheivements:

Forced departure from Montreal
Gondola cruise
Vicious redneck assault and chasing
Blue ribbon in keg toss
Champions of Worldwide Smoking Convention and Games 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06
"The NBA is the greatest and most highly respected organization known to man"
by Annonymous NBA member August 16, 2006
Negro Basketball Association, due to the fact that the league is probably under 1% white.
The NBA is just full of negros.
by APfromMSP February 07, 2005

The NBA is full of drug addicts,drug dealers,rapists,gang bangers,racists and point shavers!!!!

Thug assholes who think they are gods and feel that they are entitled to do whatever the fuck they want which is almost never to play basketball.I don't even think they remember how.

Hey REMEMBER BASKETBALL? Hey that's fun to play and watch if it's played right which it isn't anymore.The players can't shoot a free-throw but they can be the shooter in a drive-by.
The NBA it's THUG-tastic!!!!
by MAFIA-ball November 22, 2004

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