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Evil, or totally messed up. Satan backwards.
That child killer on tv, man, that's totally natas.
by jonny February 11, 2004
17 23
natas is not horror-core they distance them selves from horror-core saying that it is a cheap watered down version of what they call their genre of music ACID RAP esham has been quoted by saying "fuck horrorcore, Acid rap Bitch"
by fartinfrog April 14, 2003
42 25
Natas Kaupas: 1980's street skating legend. the man ollied higher and farther than anyone. his pro deck was certainly part of the reason: anti-gravity properties built right in?
you cannot beat Natas.
by forty May 26, 2003
40 25
Natas is a virus that fucks up your hard drive until you have to replace it. Thankfully it is easy to stop if you find it. Also Natas is Satan backwards, and my nick name.
Did you hear? That guy Natas got some virus called Natas on his computer while listening to Natas and now he can't do shit. He killed himself man.
by Natas March 21, 2003
25 17
(Nation Ahead of Time And Space)- A horror-core rap group out of Detroit.
Esham is in Natas
by brenton January 21, 2003
16 27