one crazy ass bitch, but down as fuuuck!
a REAL best friend, would you wish you could have gotten to know her!
That chicks down but crazy, that chick is a nataly!!
by jonmh December 11, 2009
Top Definition
The most amazing, sweet and caring girl I know.
You think she's nice? You haven't met Nataly yet, have you?
by DAUS June 20, 2008
A very caring girl. Has a very big sense of humor. She will always make you smile, through thick & thin, and will be there for you, & never forget you. She loves scary movies, and hates comedies.& it's funny that she has a sense of hunor, and doesn't like funny movies. She can be stubborn, but she does it for a reason. Always saves money for things she wants, even though she knows they'll get it for her. She's really pretty, and has nice hair. If you know her don't let her go. She's real & she'll never forget you. So dont forget her.
Kid#1: Do you know nataly?
Kid#2 : Which one?
Kid#1 : The chill one ! The one that didn't even know us, & she's like what's wrong ! You gotta know her !
Kid#2 : Oh yeah. i think im in love then.
by nataly12345 January 21, 2012
1. Treats you the way you treat her. You're nice she's nice, you fuck up she'll fuck you up.
2. Really pretty.
3. Sophisticated.

4. Strong.
5. Has Booty.
6. Dedicated.
7. Dependable, but don't use her she doesn't like that shit.
8. Loyal.
9. Fun.
10. Stuborn.
11. Can put amazing effort into anything when wanting.

12. Athletic but lazy
13. Can be chill with almost everyone if you're respectful but fun or just not annoying

14. If in a relationship is bomb af (: in many ways...
Nataly is cool to be around and she's not mad annoying, she's more so relatable and you'd be surprised how chill she is
by Ultramasterx.J.A June 16, 2016
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