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Name for a woman who has too many children too young or by too many men.

Derrived from Shar Jackson's character, "Niecy Jackson" from "Moesha" (1996).

Shar has two children with her ex-boyfriend Kevin Federline, a daughter (b. 31 July 2002) and a son,(b. July 20, 2004).

She has 2 older children: born September 1995 and January 1991.

Her two youngest children, Kori and Kaleb now have Britney Spears as a step-mother when their father, Kevin Federline married Spears in September 2004.
"Watch out, she's going to pull a Nasty Jackson on your ass. . . have you taking care of other men's babies. . . ."
by Dirty McPhee January 28, 2007
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