When a girl is hotter than hot and fitter than fit. 11/10!
wow! did u see how nash that girl was!!?
by ash adams November 02, 2007
To shag somebody. To fuck.
Man, yo're so sexy, i wanna nash you.
by Haaaan June 07, 2006
Mythological Christ like figure.
Some say that he be seen hopping around thru the back woods of North Carolina, others say he has been seen in the semi urban developments of the western New York area.

This “creature” has been know for walking on water and random miracles like, making his thumb turn into a sword and making his keys disappear behind his massive hands.
Jesus sasquatch
Oh my Nash, Nash just Nashed!
by Sanitarylizard July 08, 2004
a naughty, salacious stud with a good heart
Nash has the dirtiest mind, but he's also a cool cat and good guy.
by studlyNY November 09, 2012
Synonym for "Nice". Can be said with multiple pronunciations.
Tony: "Yo, those girls over there said they wanna chill with us later."
Nick: "Oh, nash."
by NervBro2 July 19, 2011
to accidentally self-inflict injury (usually thigh) during a mundane task.

Taken from wrestler Kevin Nash, who injured his quadriceps by just walking.
I woke up in the middle of the night because I nashed my quad while I slept.
by Puroresu Saikyo October 16, 2011
to injure a body part while performing regular activities in which it is near impossible to do so.

Origin: reference to pro wrestler Kevin Nash, who tore his thigh while walking.
Damn it, I nashed my quad.
by Oy gevalt April 05, 2009

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