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guy who gets a great amount of thrill and excitement upon wathcing a car make lefts turns at high speeds for hours. who then continue to play a wide assorment of nascar video games, have there own leauges on these video games and a set schedule when they have there leauge races, make there own game covers on photoshop, design there own cars on photoshop, and no everything about whats going on with the drivers. these guys usually have no girlfriend, or friend in real life(only internet/game friends) and have no life and do nothing with themselfs.
brian:omg kevin that cover looks great.
driggers:what about mine
brian:it looks good.......but kevin omg
john:shut up
toby:hey imma make a cover too
kevin:why is everyone doing what im doing
brian:so whose racing in the race tonight
shocker:sorry cant make it
greatcar:yeah i got band practice sorry
brian:well"(screaming in backround)brian..."i'll be right back
kevin:whip cha the whip keeper has spoken.
jess:shut up kevin. your all just ca bunch of nascar nerds.
by jada sinhora July 28, 2010
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