brb NAS
ok, brb NAS
oh no i NAS!
by Viperlin February 28, 2004
he whats up?
nas u
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
Created by Jordan Asheghian
Dave Sarafian

Formerly known as Nas featuring Exhibit
Jay:Yo, u wanna come ov and stud?
Dave: Nas
by Jordan Asheghian November 29, 2004
one who is screwed, make a regrettable mistake.
from nas saying he backed ja rule in the 50 cent/ja rule beef, only to have ja rule turn around and diss him, leaving nas screwed on both sides.
guy a: 'ha ha look at that fugly heiffer!'
guy b: 'thats my mama'
guy a: 'oh no, i just dropped a nas!'
by Stephizzal August 03, 2005
some "prophet" rapper who has beef with Cormega
by Omega Death March 27, 2003
Nasir Jones, west coast rapper, son of olu dara who features in a couple of hit songs.
He's one o the most qual rappers around, he delivers some phat beats n rhymes in his songs not 2 mention his amazin lyrics. He's got loadsa albums in da shops, one o his best is god's son wivout a doubt! rest in peace ill will.
by Peterik June 02, 2005
Half Faggot/Half bum cant get a grammy, got no game, no style, no beats, got no rhyms what can I say the mans a loser-By the way Jay Z caps on his ass all day long,Jay got grammies,jay got style,jay got beats, jay got rymes by the way he has a basketball team, a record company,a 745 jet,40/40 clubs,a clothing line by the way he has millions on his way to billions.Dont hate jay cause you cant understand his shit. Its not his fault nas has no vocabulary.
Nas he is just a hater, who was capin on jay cause he got nothing going good for him.
by Dandola February 23, 2008

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