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nappy tappy nap·py tap·py- noun & verb (used without object)

1. (n) a quick snooze taken after exhaustion from good sex AKA "post-attack tap-nap"
2. (v) a quick sexual act during the course of a short sleep AKA "nap-tap"
3. (v) a moment who two people become tired and just want to cuddle and the quick snooze evolves to a sexual act
1. (n) Female talking to her girlfriends: "That man worked me so damn good last night, I had to take a long ass nappy tappy after all 'o dat! He definitely was no one minute man."
2. (v) Yesterday I didn't go to class due to a craving for nap-tap.
3. (v) Man talkin to his girl: "Baby, I'm hella tired. I've had a long day at the office... you wanna nappy tappy?"
by Christina & Kelly Anne October 24, 2007
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