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A term used to describe a person with below average height, but has another strength to make up for their flaw(s). This term comes from the fact that Napoleon was a short man, but a famous military and political leader.
"Wow, that midget is a genius!"
"Yeah, he really has a whole Napoleon complex."
by Don Cleche June 10, 2010
51 129
One of the greatest punk bands ever
"I saw napoleon complex last night and I got pregnant from they're bitchin' music!"
by DivineSeparated January 02, 2008
17 95
A backwoods term for a short white man who acts black, i.e. "Wigger". Napoleon complex (also Napoleon syndrome) describes a type of inferiority complex suffered by caucasian men who are short and/or suffer from erectile dysfunction. Characteristics include lying to inflate importance i.e. "I have a red corvette. It's in the shop right now.", sporting the "bling", recording rap songs, and using a "street name" on the internet i.e. "Quad XXX", "QuadrupleX", Eminem, Vanilla Ice.
Shit mang, that wigga is 4ft tall and said he bangs ho's like Brianna Banks. He gots da napoleon complex.
by Joseph Fanning November 06, 2006
65 283