Indianapolis, the capitol of IN which is the state with the most potential terrorist targets and 16 murders in 10 days
Welcome to naptown, we got over 8000 terror targets....proceed with caution
by JJ Smoooooth August 22, 2006
Naptown is only for Indianapolis not Annapolis. If ur from Annapolis and u call ur city Naptown ur a stupid idiot.
India"NAP"olis is also known just as Nap
by J2the J April 09, 2005
Naptown is only for Indianapolis not Annapolis. If ur from Annapolis and u call ur city Naptown ur a stupid idiot.
^uh no, we were here first. so get over it fuckers.
naptown is the best city on the EAST COAST
by naptown's finest April 27, 2006
Annapolis "Naptown", Maryland: founded 1649
Indianapolis "Gaytown", Indiana: founded 1821
...Look it up bitches...
-The capital of Maryland, in the central part of the state on an inlet of Chesapeake Bay south-southeast of Baltimore. Settled in 1649, it was the site of the Naptown Convention in 1786, which led to the federal Constitutional Convention of 1787.
-Prior to its official founding, Gaytown was a swampy area called the Fall Creek Settlement sparsely settled by fur traders
by Steezman August 06, 2006
Nickname for Annapolis Maryland. If you don't believe it, come walk through downtown AnNAPolis and see all the shops that sell the shirts.
"Naptown, hold me down!",

-"what are you doing this weekend?"
-"I'm headed down to Naptown for a party"
by Naptowner October 15, 2005
Indianapolis founded: 1821
Annapolis founded: 1649

We've been here way longer. You already have the nickname "Indy" anyways. You can't have two. Get over yourselves and stop being greedy.
John: What's "Naptown?"
Heather: A nickname for Annapolis.
John: Urban Dictionary says it's Indianapolis...
Heather: *destroys shit*
by heatherbear March 20, 2008
Nickname for Annapolis, MD. Specifically refers to Downtown Annapolis, aka DTA. It is a city which is much older than Indianacrapolis and much more luhjit. Filled with rich old cougars, young midshipmen, au pairs and drunken alumni from USNA, it is a great place to party.
Fitness J: Yo man, I wish we were Naptown right now partying!
Dug: I know, it sucks that we are stuck here in Indianacrapolis.
Fitness J: Well, at least we will be heading back there for Homecoming.
by Fitness J May 15, 2007

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