Isn't is obvious that naptown refer's to either IndiaNAPolis or AnNAPolis? Like seriously why would anyone get mad that another city uses the same nickname? I live in Annapolis and have lived in the area for 5 years, have heard it called naptown during all this time, and the only reason I even looked it up in urban dictionary was because I heard lil jon shouting out to naptown and couldnt understand why he would shout out to our city. I mean seriously the entire city is like a picnic. Im sure rappers usually are referring to Indianapolis, but if you come to Maryland, we'll think you mean annapolis.
Thank God we're close to baltimore and D.C. because there aint shit to do in naptown.
by someasshole2 April 24, 2009
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means indianapolis
nap town is the greatest
by reidizzle July 20, 2003
Naptown is 317, indianapolis, we had the name first, anapolis is NOT naptown
Where ya from?
wheres that at?
not in annapolis
by Reverend B July 09, 2006
Was DEFINITELY Indianapolis, Indiana first. Just because Annapolis, Maryland was founded first does NOT give them the right to steal the nickname Naptown. Very much like being the younger sibling sitting shotgun and the older sibling saying that just because they were born first means THEY get shotgun. Which is, in fact, A BITCH MOVE.
Person 1: Where's naptown again?
Person 2: Indianapolis, IN of course.
Person 1: Ooh, man I thought it was Annapolis.
Person 2: Nah, they stole it from Indy.
Person 1: Oh shit, what a BITCH MOVE.
by Sarah Pft June 23, 2009
Nickname for Indianapolis
go to type in naptown and Indianapolis pops up
by NAPTOWN BOSNIANS November 12, 2006
The nickname for Indianapolis and ONLY Indianapolis. That is why NAP came from Indianapolis not no Annapolis.
Person 1-Where you from?
Person 2-Stringtown.
Person 1-Where's that?
Person 2-West-side Naptown.
by MusicallyJess June 04, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis used to be so boring in the early 1900's people would say there is nothing to do, but take a nap in the city. That's why its called Naptown
Indianapolis, Indy
by Cameron Fox January 28, 2004
The first definition is correct, however, over the past two decades, Naptown has grown into a term of endearment. Nap as in "Nappy" or "Tight".
Headin back to Naptown this weekend to run with some old friends.
by ab June 10, 2004

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