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A current situation that makes things convenient for a future situation becomes disrupted or changed, so that when the future situation occurs, it is no longer convenient.

Person 2: Crap, I can't make it, I work every Friday.

Person 2: Hey, I spoke with my boss, now I work every Saturday instead of Fridays.

Person 1: Parties have been moved to every Saturday now.

Person 2: ... I hate naod's law.
by Naod January 27, 2009
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The effect of which when a variable of X becomes convenient to a certain situation, the situation becomes irrelevant.
Person 1: Hey you used to live so close to high school back when we were in element, sucks that you moved farther away huh?

Person 2: Yeah... that's naod's law for ya.
by Brock o'lee January 26, 2009

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