A fictional city where a guy lives and this gifted man can perform autofellatio on himself. And apparently likes it!
There once was a man from Nantucket, who had a dick sooo long he could suck it!
He said with a grin,
Wiping sperm from his chin,
"If my ear was a cunt I would Fuck it!"
by Robyo July 10, 2008
Also referred to as "Whore Island", Nantucket is an island off the coast of Massachusetts. Many claim to have vacationed there, some even claim to live there. However, everyone in America knows Nantucket is merely a dumping site for sluts, skanks, whores, and returned mail order brides..So the next time someone tells you they're from Nantucket, specifically at an off campus party, don't fall for it..they're just trying to get into your pants..
Ew dude..I hope you didn't let her get into your pants, girls from Nantucket are whores
by casshole5555555 April 14, 2011
A slang word meaning a friend, acquaintance, associate. Similar in use to nigga, nephew, or ninja.
What's up, nantucket?
Yo thats my nantucket.
Shit nantucket i'm keeping it gangster.
by Highz0ne January 14, 2007
a nantucket is when u have ur cock package in between two 2x4's and u rub vicously till u bleed
Man, i couldnt get any last week so i nantucketed all night.
by Mossified018 February 02, 2007
A small island off the coast of Connecticut that is falsely believed to be summered at by "old money" families.
Nantucket has been taken over by nouveau riche corporate types with flashy cars and houses.
by hater123 April 17, 2007
The place where I go every summer and my family was the first in our town in our generation to go and now EVERYONE goes, but its still AWESOME!
Force 5 watersports is the best store in nantucket
by shana March 03, 2004
small island off of Massachusetts. In the summer asshole tourists ruin the island and in the winter the much less rich natives live there. Best place on the entire world if not for the people that don't know what ACK actually means. You can do almost anything on the island and it is loads of fun.
Hey guys when we go to Nantucket we should totally visit brant point I heard thats what all the natives do
by dfhdafhgad July 02, 2015

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