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it means nothing in most languages derived from latin
a: what's new?
b: nada...
by Fernando January 27, 2004
in arabic it means the left over drops of rain on flowers the morning after it rained,its also used as a name for girls
boy:what's ur name?
girl: Nada

and tears fall from her eyes with the beauty of the glittering drops of rain(nada) bathing in the sun's warmth the ecstasy as great as its anguish
by Arabian eyezz June 20, 2005
Nada is a female name used in Serbia,Croatia, means hope.
Nada is a beautiful girl,usually with dark hair and skin white as Snow White.She can be very mysterious and shy.
She is extremely intelligent and sarcastic person.Nada is a very good friend and a very good person,but when you annoy her,you wish you didn't exist.She has a tendency to be late.
If she has a friend named Ana,watch yourself,they can be pure evil since Ana corrupts lovely people like Nada.
Overall Nada is an awesome person with amazing tastes in music and everyone enjoys being her friend or a boyfriend.Or they can dream about it.
Guy 1:Look at that chick!She has a spunk!
Guy 2:Yeah...she is too good for you.
Guy 1:What?Why?
Guy 2:She is too smart and pretty for you.You will look like a fool next to her.
Guy 1:How do you know?
Guy 2:Her name is Nada.
by TheQueenOfDarkness June 30, 2011
Nada means nothing. It comes from latin and is right now a slang-word.

It is also a name for girls.
- "Hey, what's up?"

- "Nada" (Nothing new)
by IPPON July 09, 2005
In Arabic it means Dew.
Dew (Nada) is the small drops of water which gathers on plant leafs in the early morning.
by Rogue903 April 02, 2010
Nada means hope in Croatian and Serbian. It's pronounced NAH-DA not NAY-DA.
I hope I win the lottery is I nada I win the lottery.
by Nada V. May 16, 2007
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