Arabic origins- 'one of strong will'

An excellent strategist/politician. Extremely loyal to a select few people. Sharp and observant. A good sense of humor.
Guy 1: The new guy on campus seems like a good guy

Guy 2: I know- I talked to him last night and he is such a Nabeel!
by blainek February 07, 2010
Top Definition
commenly known a slang word for pimp, deriving from Fenhistan, Newcastle
wow look at that pimp
wassup nabeel
by N.A November 20, 2006
Also translated in Arabic as, "Noble intelligence". A really sharp and intelligent person who will normally tend to achieve high. A person whom you can trust upon with your secrets and no matter what, that secret will never go out. A person who is very loyal and understands people quite well. A personal who is very nice and really funny. A person who thinks on their feet and can improvise quite well. A person who is strong and can back you up. A person who is really hard to find because of the way they are. A person who basically has really good qualities.
Have you met Nabeel, he is so funny!
Nabeel said that about me? That's impossible i don't believe you, he can never do such a thing.
by Mark Fredeumerg May 25, 2015
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