NAAFI actually stands for Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes.
It was established through Winston Churchill as a Not for Profit organisation on 6th December 1920 & continues to serve the Services around the world today.
It provides catering, retail & leisure facilities, delivering a much needed taste of home to service personnel and their families from Germany to the Falklands through to Afghanistan.
It is NOT owned by SPAR & is proud to have HM The Queen as its patron.
Full details can be found on its website
Going down the NAAFI to get a good cup of tea
by NAAFI November 15, 2010
Top Definition
Comes from the british Navy, Army, Air Force, Institutes. Their equivalent of an american post-exchange.

Also means
No Ambition And Fuckall Interest
Lets get some chips at the Naafi.

He's a NAAFI Bastard!
by Beeg Wally January 03, 2005
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