Naad is a word that can mean whatever you want it to mean.

HISTORY: It's chemically derived name was made on accident when a girl wanted to sound smart and spell the word 'sad' with chemical elements.. so she wrote 'sodium-ad'. However, she failed to realize that sodium doesn't start with the letter 's', but is 'na'. And so, the word 'naad' was created. It does NOT mean sad. Because it is to amazing to mean sad. It's too beautiful to have such a melancholy definition. Just the sheer brilliance of how it came to be is too much to handle. If you think you have inner naad, if you KNOW that you can handle THE NAAD, then you know what naad is. It isn't just a word. It's naad.
In context of going to sleep: naaaaad time
In context of getting a good grade: it was your naad skills
In context of just being purely awesome: The inner naadness is shining through you. You're just too naad for words.

Naad=the epitome of all words.
by ChemGURL101. March 03, 2011
Top Definition
North American Air Defense System! Their acronym spells naads which sounds like "nads". So they had to use the acronym NORAD. Pfffft
North America will defend its skys by using naads.
by Jason Xu August 29, 2003
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