Not eXactly C is a high level language, similar to C, built on top of the NBC compiler. It can also be used to program the NXT brick. NXC is basically NQC for the NXT. To compile NXC programs just use the NBC compiler with source code files that have a .nxc file extension.
I programmed that pathfinder robot using NXC.
by chris71990 January 18, 2008
Nerdxcore. Like hardxcore, only nerdier.

Gerald: "I hit 70 last night on my Undead Warlock. You really need to play WoW."

Stephan: "You're so nxc.."
by d2frontman25 December 03, 2007
Like hardxcore but NintendoXcore.

Genre of music such as 'HORSE the band', 'Enter Shikari'.
Bebo vanity group.
"What kind of music is that?"

by Sexface. March 21, 2008
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