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The British spelling of the more common "n00b."
::British accent::
OMG! Those n0ubs are my favourite flavour!
by The MASTER Coolcom December 08, 2006

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n00b newbie noob 1337 newb noobie
A alternative way to write "noob", lookin' 13373r than the rest of the noobs
noob1 : "Oh my god, icq isn't connecting"
h4x0rer1 : "Argh, ICQ's crap. ICQ's 4 n0ubs"
noob1 : "What does "n0ub" means ?"
h4x0rer1 : "It's the word discribing ur reflection in teh m1rr0r, omfg n0ub."
by n1Tr0 April 18, 2006