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A rocket launcher used in a game.
When a newbie (n00b) can't kill anyone with a machine gun or rifle so he uses a rocket launcher for cheap and easy kills.

"He's using a fucking n00b t00b."
by FatalxXxImpact June 09, 2005
A rocket launcher in a game, or another long, sometimes wide weapon used in a video game in split screen on online mutiplayer, which scores easy kills.
When my friend Tony and I were playing split-screen Snipers on Halo 2, on the map, 'Coagulation', he was losing badly and soon started to use the n00b t00b. (Beam rifle)
by S3TH August 05, 2005
a grenade launche used in call of duty 4 the modern meatbol
i used the n00bt00b to kill that fucking douche
by moboto March 26, 2008