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An advanced term for a general n00b, or a n00b who uses noob saibot in mortal kombat by repeatedly using his warp throw where he jumps out the top of the screen. n00b tactics
(noob saibot n00bs out the top of the screen)
noob saibot: b00m headshot what a fricken n00b
scorpion: ZOMG n00b saib0t!!!!!111

#n00b #noob #noob tube #noob cannon #leet
by wing dings March 30, 2008
n00b saibots are n00bs that think they are part of the n00bicide movement. Sources of delicious Ironing because they themselves are being n00bocided.
n00b up and git r done n00b saib0t style
#narg #norg #narb #n00b #n00bot #obamabot #sharkz #reaznah #yehweh
by Boogaloo-B March 30, 2008
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