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1. (n.) A person, usually lacking in intelligence or skill
2. (n.) One who has just failed an easy task in life or a game and becomes comparable to a biscuit because of lack of talent.
3. (v.) When one fails a task or life, they become sucessfully "biscuited". (They become a biscuit)
4. (adv.) If one is in the presence of someone who is more talented or skilled, the skilled party can state that the lesser party is "biscuitly" or "n00b biscuitly".
5. (adj.) When one is not in the presence of a lesser party, but are still conversing of the lesser party, you refer to them as "biscuity" or "n00b biscuity".
1. "yo, Justin's a n00b biscuit. He can't even kill a goblin."
2. "Dude! Justin just got biscuited!" or "Yo! That goblin just n00b biscuited Justin!"
3. "Justin dude. You are definetly n00b biscuitly."
4. "Yo, I was talkin' to Justin earlier--"
"Yo, that n00b is so biscuity."
"I knowz!"
by Emcajorini March 17, 2007
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