a fat infant that has no life. it possibly could be dead.
pwned a n00b at life by strangling him/her with his/her own umbilical cord
by Dillon Hough October 08, 2007
Top Definition
part of speach: noun
plural form: n00bs at life

one who refuses to learn from or take the advice of his\her elders or those whom hold more wisdom or are more knowledgable when it comes to ane specific field or category of experience, or who is simply too hard-headed to apply his\her peers’ successful actions/conduct to his\her-self; one who is too stubborn to grow much as a human, who will oft decline him\herself the right to learn from his\her past experiences, and who will seldom accept things in any way that isn’t to the standard that s\he is used to or has been led to believe priorhand/previously (even if it lacks evidence or support to back it up), who may try too steadfast not to lose face when proven wrong; linear. Oftentimes agnostic on a level deeper than the thought of ‘God’ (which, when on a deeper level, is a bad thing, because it illustrates lack of true taste/perception or knowledge of the surrounding world as perceived by the n00b at life).

See also n00b, which is different than a 'noob'. (A noob reffers more to a ‘newb’, or ‘newbie’ at something{specifically a videogame}, whereas a 'n00b' can be anyone who..well I’m not suppose to define 'n00b' here, but just note that even vets can act n00b-ish at times.)

Compare 'n00bs at life' with the '‘élitistDemocrats' who THINK that they’re über-the-shit and clearly demonstrate their ‘superiority’ towards the rest of the population.
"Having a n00b at life for your mother really bites. But to have a n00b at life for your father is a plain-out atrocity (especially if you are a male, though is equally conductually imparing to a daughter)."
by Victor Van Styn July 29, 2005
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