Euphemism for the word nigger. Used by people who are afraid to say "nigger" (i.e., white people).
Child: Mom! Billy said the n-word!
Mom: Shut up and drink your gin!
by Ollie the Dog December 30, 2003
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How white people refer to the word "nigga" or "nigger" when afraid to use the actual word, lest they appear racist.
This racist guy used the n-word.
by segarch July 30, 2005
Another sad attempt to eliminate the word nigger, as if white people actually use it. We all know the truth, the black people who aren't racist are tired of other black people saying nigger.
I am still waiting for cracker to be reffered to as the C-word as nigger is the N-word.
#i #hate #hypocrits #must #kill #them
by Supersmasher10015 March 07, 2007
something that a black person and other races can say, but a white dude cannot. the reason being is because the black man was a slave back in the day, and the white devil was a "cracka". Therefore, they have the right to say the word.
black guy: wut up cracka?
white guy: wut up nigga?
*black guy punches white guy for being racist*
black guy: don't EVER say the nigga again!
*black guy turns to his black friends and says wud up my

The n word is the oldest double standard ever.

white guy: he just called you the n word
black guy: what is the n word?
white guy: nigga
*black guy punches white guy*
#ni*ga #n-bomb #niggets #nigg* plz #n*gger
by mike matel April 22, 2007
n-word is used by politically correct cowards instead of "nigger"
OMG that white cracker said the n-word.
#nword #hate #nigga #whocares #shaddup
by None U Biz NWord April 05, 2006
can only be used when telling one someone for using the word "nigger", not in place of the word "nigger".
a white person can't say, "wassup my n word." that's still considered racist.
#nigger #nigga #nizzle #foshizzle my nizzle #niggah
by nodoubtnyc February 01, 2010
Niggers' inherit defenses and justification for committed crimes if the victim or the criminal investigator (who will be deemed as an wicked racialist) has mentioned the word with head of alphabet "N". With this defense the nigger will be declared innocent and released as Simpson in the Simpson case.
Nigger A:"I've just raped a white woman."
Nigger B:"Wow! How did it happen?"
Nigger A:"Because she insulted me with the 'n word'"
Nigger B:"Good job bro, she deserves that!"
Nigger A:"Yeah, dare she say 'no' to me again!"
#nigger #negro #african #defense #justification
by Ustin Ieber September 20, 2014
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