Myspacecore is a word used to describe bands or musical artists whose popularity often comes almost solely and entirely from the website They often rely on their image, trendiness and keeping with the fashions of the moment for fame rather than their actual talent or musical ability, but of course fashion and trendiness rather than content or personality is what MySpace is all about.

Their fanbase usually consists of 12 to 16 year old kids who would neither know nor care that the band existed if they hadn't found them on MySpace and if the band didn't have cool trendy haircuts and wear girl pants.

Like most things popular on the internet, these bands' real life reputation and popularity is far from what they achieve online; regardless of how many hundreds of thousands or even millions of MySpace pageviews and/or MySpace friends and comments they have, actual fans of music in the real world often thoroughly denounce and criticize them for their limited musical abilities and their ridiculously large online fanbase that is thanks to their MySpace trendiness. Much like the way that Soulja Boy has millions more views on YouTube than Tupac, but no sane person with more than two braincells in their head would call Soulja Boy a better rapper because of it, most myspacecore bands have absolutely nothing on their former genre predecessors, regardless of how many more pageviews and myspace friends they have.
Examples of myspacecore:
Bring Me the Horizon
Drop Dead, Gorgeous
Jeffree Star
Hollywood Undead
The Medic Droid
The Devil Wears Prada
Job For A Cowboy
From First to Last
Cute Is What We Aim For
etc etc
by sawtooth May 11, 2008
Top Definition
The act of being obsessive over myspace. The hardcore term for the word myspace whore. (also seen as mXc and myspacexcore)
mxc kid:" omg i havent gotten a comment in 2 days!!?!!"

normal myspace kid: "dude stfu quit being so myspacecore"

by kaileigh December 05, 2005
The evil core of MySpace. Must be destroyed to end the evil reign of 11 year old emo-wannabes.
The brave UNIX Templar launched the Quest For Myspacecore in 2006 AB (After BSD).
by Brushwell Clinton May 14, 2006
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