1. The ultimate contest of seeing how many friends you could have without seeing any of them.

2. A place for people who have no lives to post comments about their new pics in their "friend's" myspace.

3. A place where loners get semi-celebs.
Ex 1:
Person 1: OMG i have 200 friends on myspace.
Person 2: LOLZ i have 300 friends, loser.

Ex 2:
Person X: i love ur new pix! u better post a comment on my myspace also!

Ex 3:
Some guy: SWEET Tila Nguyen is my friend!
by deathsymphony March 28, 2005
online website for making 'friends', and over 70% people up there will have the following things in their profiles:

1. has 'tila tequila' as their friend
2. the music they like include: my chemical romance, the used, green day, killers, or kottonmouth kings
3. they all hate drama and fake people
4. have a music video playing on their page
5. your computer is more likely to freeze when log on people's pages if you have an older model due to the over-decoration.
6. we will see this "This profile was edited with Thomas' myspace editor" somewhere in their profile

that's all I can think of right now
70% of myspace people have some taste of music.......
by vinny May 23, 2005
Popular networkiing website, popular with scene kids. Allows teenagers with bad haircuts to take low quality pictures of themselves pouting, and comment on all their friends pouting.
"Why would I want Myspace? I already have facebook."
by JakeStar April 04, 2005
it's 3:45 AM, your eyes are sore form looking at the computer screen for 4, no wait 5 hours...uhh who cares because all you care about not is myspace. You log into your Myspace everday, you've even missed the funeral of your mother to read that message from that attractive scene girl from Peluca, Idaho. Speaking of scene kids. Out of the 4,543 friends you have you only know about 70 personally, but for some unholy reason you know every single scene kid on your myspace, though the SONS O' Bitches all look alike. Your life is in shambles due to your Myspace addiction. You go to work tired, thus becoming cranky. In meetings all you can think about is what bulletins people have posted or what cool neat comments you have.

For all those reason you lose your job. Why? Because when you were at your nice doctors job at the Children's Hospital instead of writing needs Chemo-Therapy ASAP, you wrote, "PLZ comment on my pics!@@!"
At this point you're at home it's been three months since you lost your job, now you live with you mother all your real friends have left you, because now you have alienated them for your MYspace friends. Just another statistic.
Please if you don't get help at CHARTER, Please get help somewhere.
crackpipe is to Crack as Keyboard is to Myspace
by Christopher Ess October 01, 2005
An addicting imaginary world online full of people who you don't or barely even know. A place full of 19 year old boys who don't own shirts and 19 year old girls who don't own pants. The most popular people in this world are partial pornstars. There is no need to worry about being fat or ugly, because in this world, there is only the angles you want, to make you look like the most goregous skinny person on Earth. In this world, girls are all models, posing every few seconds. Aside from the 12 pictures of someone, you can find out if its true love based on their favorite clothing label, their favorite band, and a survey. All females are bi and all males drive import muscle cars. True expression of self comes from the colors or the pictures you decided to put as a background on your page. Your drivers license photo can have hearts around it and quotes as well. The phrases "Yo", "your hawt", or "hit me back some time" are acceptable when trying to attract the opposite sex. It is perfectly acceptable to blurt out any random, filthy, perverse, sexual thought at any random woman/man you think is "hawt" as a first greeting. A place where everyone can make $100,000 or more a year. A society of very youthful looking 99 year olds. Every random thought you ever have can be jotted down in the convienient blog of your space. Here, it isn't odd to have Brad Pitt in your circle of friends. A man named Tom is your God, he follows you everywhere, sees what you are doing at all times and constanly hands you bad news. This is the only place on earth where Hello Kitty is an actual person. Conversations don't get much more complicated than: "How are you?" Sent. "Good, how are you?" Replied. Everyone, even clothing lines can be your friend! The biggest fears include "Friend Whoring" and Tom forcing your account to "Undergo some matience". Bands ask you to listen to them because they say they see you like a band that they sound nothing like. A place that the biggest threat anyone could ever give you is "I WILL DELETE YOU AS MY FRIEND IF YOU DONT COMMENT MY PICS!". You must pass on all random letters you recieve or else in 15 hours and 3 minutes a ghost will fly into your house and rape your dog...even if you dont have one.
Myspace, A Place For Stalkers.
by AppleStoreFreak March 09, 2006
Very strong internet crack
"Yo, bluhhhh, I gots ten pounds of MySpace right here. You'll be receiving comments and friends like it's nuffin'!"
by Richard D. July 11, 2005
a place to write pointless, overly wordy, bad descriptions of your daily life as if anyone is interested in the food stuck in your teeth. Pretentious, presumptuous hacks writting to prove people will read anything, find anything worth commenting on in order convey to the writer that everyone else is indeed interested in the food in their teeth.
myspace is a place to publicly describe and defend ones own lack of integrity, a place for irresponsible, reckless judgment of others, a place to gather support for your position by describing one biased angle of a lie.
A complete lack of self awareness is required to continue on as a myspace addict.
The very best feature of myspace is definitely emo scenesters that claim to be about personal health, environmental and political causes, bettering the world, loving others while they gather and hoard comments, friends, post new pictures, post lame lists and excruciating detailed accounts of their daily life, try and look thinner, thinner, thinner, hotter, sexier, ego stroking all day, everyday. While endlessly claiming global love, local truth and a committed desire to evolve and enlighten others.
"Oh my god I was flossing my teeth this morning and I just couldn't figure out what it was I pulled out from between my teeth and gums, is is chicken? It couldn't be chicken, I don't eat meat, maybe it's tofu? I showed it to my roommate and she thought it was cheese, then I remembered I had baked bread and brie last night, so that must be it. Then I thought wow I better run to my computer and blog about this experience on myspace."
by thetruthlovesme July 18, 2005
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