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A myspace zombie is niether living nor dead, existing solely to check their comments every five seconds.
Julie is such a myspace zombie, she just checks her comments all day.
by julieroxurworld October 06, 2006
1. An idiot who is easily drawn into things through bandwagon, esp. "scene people" (wiggers and camera whores), subnerds, and even Goths.
2. A follower--see "leaders and followers"
3. A wannabe.
4. Anyone who uses Myspace.
Shaun: OMG, we're being attacked by zombies...again! Oh, wait, no, false alarm, they're just myspacezombies.
myspacezombie1: omg...plz tlk abt my page lol here's my pics...blah, blah, blah *he smells bad.
by aka_Pyro April 21, 2007
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