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a myspace noob can be classified by 3 or more of the following examples.

1.has just gotten a myspace.
2.adds EXTREME amounts of apps.
3.adds EXTREME amounts of songs, usually recent and or overhyped shit.(see lil wayne for more details)
4.adds EXTREME amounts of cheesy, terrible jokes onto their page surrounded by a shitty border, usually in the form of an HTML picture.
5.adds EXTREME amounts of people, including celebrities, people that their friends know but they themselves dont, and just random people from another town.

there is no known cause of becoming a "myspace noob". it is EXTREMELY common to see 3 of the above examples within the first week of someone getting a myspace.
Bill:hey ted, did you hear that jim just got a myspace? its decorated with shitty jokes and he has 70 friends, mostly celebrities.

Ted:well i guess that means jim's a myspace noob.
by Budda2212 July 31, 2009
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